About our products

Vithithi Handmade workshop 

Our office and workshop are located just outside Bangkok, Thailand.

This is where we perfect our products.

Vithithi Handmade workshop krajood handbag production

Each and every Vithithi Handmade bag is an original handcraft.

Thai Krajood (Sedge) and Thai silk (ผ้าไหมไทย) are the main materials in our products.

Each of our bags has an interior handsewn lining. It comes either in Thai silk or chequered fabric.

This is the inside lining of one of our Orchid Krajood Bags.

krajood bag with thai silk lininig at vithithi handmade office
These are Thai Silk samples before being hand sewn inside our bags or being turned in Thai Silk Tote Bags.

Thai Silk ผ้าไหมไทย coloured samples for interior lining of Vithithi handmade
These are  chequered fabric samples from our factory just before they are sewn inside Krajood Bags.
chequered fabric interior lining samples for Krajood handbags
Another example of inside lining made with chequered fabric. This is our Veronia Krajood Tote Bag with Vithithi brand label on:
Chequered fabric interior lining for krajood handbag


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